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((Well, I guess I'll use this spot to blab on and on about Porky. XP

When I decided to take on the role of elder Porky, I knew I was going to have to take in a lot of limitations. But I think the end result is very much worth it. When I tasked myself with this role, I willingly made Elder Porky different with the younger with several factors.

Elder Porky has a split personality. There are three sides of the Pig King: A childish side that is similar to his younger self; a corrupt, elderly man that spends time dabbling in his past and running his empire. This is the side that frequents Porky the most. And finally, the monstrous side we see during the battle with Giygas.

Also, Elder Porky believes every challenge is a game. Everyone is a player. Of course, Elder Porky also hates everyone after being tormented as a child. Everyone, besides Ness and Picky. Ness was the only one that seemed to tolerate Porky as a child and Picky is his brother. He may also miss his Mother, as evidenced by the Lardna Bots.

As a result of his years of time travel, Elder Porky is immortal and unkillable by conventional means. He is also immobile for the most part, save the ability to talk and occasionally walk. Also, he is incredibly lonely...perhaps all Porky ever really needed was friends...all of his years of isolation, however, made him twisted and warped. He has become excellent at messing with people's minds as well as giving them a false sense of security and happiness.


All there is to know on the Pigmasks.
The Pigmasks are a group of human soldiers who wear pink uniforms and gasmasks, resulting in their appearance as "pigs". They also fit the role well, squealing and oinking.

Most of the army, with the exception of higher commanders, are comparatively bumbling. Despite this, they are completely loyal and proud, serving their king with as much ability as they can. Porky admits their more based on "quantity" than "quality" but there are several troops that are very high quality.

Beside these are chimeras, which are animal/human, animal/animal, human/mechanical, mechanical/human hybrids. They are stronger than normal creatures. Most animal hybrids, however, are wild unless they have mechanical properties that allows them to be controlled.

The final parts of the army are made up of robots and claymen. Robots make up a small but strong faction and are very efficient. Claymen are incredibly strong despite being made of clay. They run on electricity and are obey any command given by a Pigmask Officer.

In battle himself, Porky is no push over. As he was the penultimate boss in each game, one could expect he has become impeccably good at strategy. His spider mech bolsters a number of defense capabilities and fighting him alone or even in group is normally unwise. His cold heart and warped mind doesn't seem to help with mercy either. Porky is unkillable through conventional means...but his mech does have a battery that can be ran down to nothing if one keeps hitting him with attacks. It is notable that is throne room is heavily guarded by an infinite number of Porky bots that will swarm you on Porky's will. ))

Current Residence: Empire Pork Building
Shell of choice: The Absoloutely Safe Capsule.
Wallpaper of choice: Iron.
Personal Quote: "Spankety, spankety, spankety!"
Porky was standing at the top of his grand tower. From such a height, he was at the pinnacle of the world...and it was time to initiate...another, recent plan.

It was the Beginning...of
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  • Playing: Production.
  • Eating: Production.
  • Drinking: Production.

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Master Porky is...gone? Darn. Hope somebody takes this account soon, because I need to serve someone!
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(( Hellooooooo. c: It's been a while. ))
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Porky-Minch Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010
    {{Hehe, yes! Now both Pork's unite, the true madness begins.}}

    ''Can it be? Ohhoh... yes, it is I of the future, it is good to see myself still alive! Tell me, how much have I accomplished?!''
Mother3-Porky Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010
(( ah, a new Young Porky. Or Pokey, as I call him. Welcome! ))

"Oh? is me...ehehehe...what..a...delicious surprise. *COUGH!..HACK!* Why...I've accomplished so much after Giygas was cut out of the picture...why, the world is mine in the distant future...*chuckle, giggle*...the world is my chess board."

King P sits up on his bed and it creaks slightly. "My...such incredible power you and I hold.."
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